JalTarang Cloud Interface

Jal Tarang – Finally, our First step in Agri-Automation

Better late than never – is the only saying that can bring some solace and some saving grace to us (GreenTronics); especially from the Jal-Tarang perspective. It has been super delayed / out of priority for much too long. It was started in Nov 2012 and shelved in February 2013. Today, […]

Switch Dimming of Grid powered LED light

One of the coolest things that you can get with LED lights is that ability to control the intensity of light. Since, this feature is not what conventional lights provide, the electrical wiring for such lights also did not have a mechanism to send this control information to the lights. […]

100W Street Light with Solar Power

We, GTD-Labs are proud to announce that we have recently designed and installed 100W LED luminary, fully powered by Solar energy for street lighting purposes in Ginigera near Hospet. This installation is the first of GTD-Labs Outdoor lighting solutions.


After the successful launch of TriNetra with integrated battery, a lot of customers are requesting a larger battery and larger panel to suit the needs of their life style.

We now proudly introduce the following product in which the user can select the battery and the panel and select LED tube lights. GreenTronics Design Labs supports the user in selecting the right panel and battery size based on the lighting needs and the duration of back up.home lighting with all acc and fan

Template and content for you site

OK, this is not the usual things that we write on this site / blog but this one is special. So, I had to make a special mention. Facts first, I am not a net savvy techie. I have been in tech area for over a decade, I get it, […]