VyuHA – The Automation Network

What is VyuHA?
“Vyuha” in sanskrit roughly translates to formation. But, thats what you are interested in. For us VyuHA is The Automation Network, which means there are:

devices for sending commands (Controls)
devices for sending environmental data (Sensors)
devices for doing the work (Actuators / Drivers)
devices to translate b/n protocols and communication media (Gateways)
devices to route data and commands (Routers)

to enable the single purpose of “automating a task” – it could be for comfort, repetitive operations, energy efficiency etc.,

In its current form, VyuHA is fully equipped to automate lighting (and few other devices) of your home / office. Each passing day adds more features in to VyuHA – don’t limit your thoughts by what you see today.