Amogh: Solar Street Light

Amogh: Solar Powered Street Light
Amogh is a family of smart outdoor lighting solutions. It boasts of smart, patent pending, energy based dimming algorithm, which ensures battery’s depth of discharge within safe limits to maximizing battery life and delivering light output for the intended duration. Itimplements MPPT charge controller to extract maximum power from solar panel as well as constant current LED driver. It implements features like dimming and multiple sensor interfaces etc., for remote and optimized usage. AC & DC variants are available.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Solution
Solar Outdoor Lighting Solution




  • Hybrid (Solar + Grid Option)
  • Multiple Operational Modes / Dimming
    • Dusk to Dawn
    • Duration Dimming
    • Accumulated Energy Dimming
    • Motion Sensor Dimming
  • Battery Integrated Panel Housing
  • Life time service warranty*


  • Energy based dimming (Patent Pending)
  • Superior Battery Charging due to MPPT
  • DC (Solar) or AC (Grid) option
  • Timed, duration dimming
  • Rust resistant powder coat pole & fixture
  • Low Maintenance
  • Life time service warranty*

Amogh Variant Table