Design Services

GreenTronics Design Labs takes up design services for strategic customer and selected few areas. Technology developed in house is also available for technology transfers with different business models to create a win-win situation with our customers.

We take up design services for customized solutions for

Automation Solutions

  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Internet of Things [IoT]
  • Agro and Process Control Automation

Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar Home Lighting Solutions

We bring vast systems design and development experience and expertise to our customers and work closely integrated with our customer teams achieve technological and business goals on our customers, not just requirements. GreenTronics has experienced and talented engineers in areas below:


• MicroChip 8,16 and 32 bit uC
• Freescale’s 68K, PowerPC, Snake series of uCs.
• NXP ARM LPC 24XX, 11XX, 17XX
• Texas Instruments 24x Fixedpoint DSPs
• Atmel 16 bit and 8 bit

Real Time Operating Systems

• FreeRTOS, RTLinux, uCLinux
• Customised proprietary Thin Kernels
• Schedulers and Dispatchers for home-grown kernels
• OSEK for automotive applications
• VxWorks

Communication Technology / IoT

• UART (RS 232, 485, 488)
• CAN (Controller Area Network),LIN ( Local Interconnect Network)
• IoT: MQTT, LoRa, SigFox,
• USB ( Universal Serial Bus)
• Ethernet
• Wireless Bluetooth Smart, Wifi, <1GHz RF communication


• Diab, Cosmic Compiler / Noral, Flex BDM, Lauterbach
• Tasking Compiler Suite / CrossView Pro, PathFinder
• GCC, GreenHills / GDB, Pathfinder
• Keil’s uVision IDE
• MCC, Hi-Tech Compiler / MPLab

Hardware Design [Only for turnkey solutions]

• Schematics design
• Board Layout
• Prototyping to Low Volume Manufacturing