We have aggregated the questions we receive from our customers, dealers, franchisee’s into a collections of FAQs. This helps to share information that help help answer general common questions. We have categorized the questions into sections for better organization and quicker access to the required information.

Amulya, TriNetra (also for any Solar powered products)

Issues / Symptions:

  1. Low Battery Back up
  2. Lights changing to lower brightness level quickly
  3. RED Battery Low indicator turning ON – Battery empty
  4. RED Battery Low indicator flashing – Battery low

The factors causing the listed issues / symptoms are for all the above reported issues are

  • Dirty solar panel: Solar panels convert the light energy from sun to electrical energy. This requires the panels to be free from dust and dirt which cover up the panel and makes it operated with limited capability.
  • Usage without sufficient charging: When you use the unit without charging the unit sufficiently, you are stressing the battery – causing it to degrade its performance (ability to hold charge) and hence its usage life.

Do’s to maintain your Solar light unit:

  1. Clean the solar panel regularly
    • Clean the solar panel at least 2 times in a month. Dirty panels block the sun light and reduce power generation.
    • Insufficient power generation by the solar panel results in battery is not getting charged. Thus reducing the battery life and degrading the performance of the entire unit.
  2. Don’t abuse the system
    • Avoid using the light when
      • the battery low / battery empty indicator is active.
      • Using the lights when the battery is low or empty – causes irreversible damage to the battery and reduces usable life of the battery.
  3. Do charge the unit Charging is complete (Green light stops flashing)
    • Indicators are provided to help you understand the system and derive maximum life and usability. Please operate your system appropriately.