First all hands meeting

Since inception Feb 2012, today was the first (almost) all hands meeting inclusive of promoters/directors, employees and external consultants.

We started off with the good news of the successful launch of our store in Davanagere. We have made a decent sales of 11 units on book in 4 days of launch. This is very encouraging for a young technology start-up company like us.

On a more serious note, we did postmortem analysis of what-went-right and what-went-wrong. A lot of information was unearthed during the discussion.

Positive Information:
  • We learnt that we have a lot of things to learn
  • Publicity for GreenTronics Design Labs India Pvt Ltd., – no one knew GreenTronics
  • Supply-chain setup
  • Built credibility
Improvement Needs:
  • Too many changes were made at the last minute
  • Dependency on a short-task causing delay to the rest of the product
  • Error in Effort / Time estimation
  • Identification of competent and reliable vendors
  • Too much vendor interaction/follow-up – need to manage the and communicate with clarity