Focus Areas

GreenTronics Design Labs, is a product design, development and manufacturing company. However, we do offer design and low volume manufacturing services to certain strategic applications and customers.


We have categorize our products around the 3 mode view of “Power / Energy”. 

  • Generation products that deal with generation of power. For Ex: Solar Charge Controllers, Retrofit Solar Chargers for existing UPS etc., 
  • Utilization products that deal with utilization of power. For Ex: Lights, Fans, heaters etc., 
  • Measurement and Control products that deal with the measurement of Power/Energy and controlling them. For Ex: Panel Meters (Data logging), Timers etc.,


We offer design services  in the the area of Power Electronics and Industrial Control.

Low Volume Manufacturing

We offer low volume manufacturing services to Start Ups.

At GreenTronics Design Labs, designing is a job that is never finished. We have are constantly at work – improving our designs from excellent to perfect.

Write to us for details on designs available for licensing.