Light works wonders in transforming space – which is exactly the opportunity we got to do at RADISSON BLU ATRIA BENGALURU. So, Where do we start this story? From the End, Of course!


First, there was NO light

First there was no light
First there was no light

Then there was Light


We, GreenTronics Design Labs, along with our Plavaga Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., our cloud and mobile applications experts; and partner have collaborated in developing the full solution to over come the challenge posed.


to enable the hotel staff to be able to control without disturbing the guest and party.

Solution Components:

Sl No Topic/Items Quantity Remarks / Comments
1  Number Of Spot Lights 280  Each 15W and using Greentronics Daksha 15W Analog Dimming Driver
2 VyuHA – Analog dimming Controller 3  Each Analog dimming Controller connects to the VyuHA gateway for command and feedback
3 VyuHA – RGB Controller 4  Each Analog dimming Controller connects to the VyuHA gateway for color setting and feedback
4  VyuHA Gateway 1  Gateway enables commissioning, authentication and routing from controlling devices to controlled device.
5  VyuHA Control Device with App 1  Android Tablet PC running VyuHA control App.
6  VyuHA Cloud Control App 1 Allows, to remotely monitor and predict maintenance needs


  • Clean, scale-able architecture
    • Something that can’t be shown in a Blog 😉
  • Intuitive Android App
    • Images to come
  • Easy of use
    • Pre-defined themes
    • Pre-configured network parameters
    • Last known state retension
  • Wireless control and command
    • Freedom from a fixed control center
    • No irritating lose connections
    • No-wires = No tripping on wires by guest and staff
  • Optional Cloud Connectivity / Remote Diagnostics / Continuous software update
    • Stay up-to-date with all enhancements with auto software push
    • Be aware of the issues before it happens