LoRaWAN Light Control Unit


Light Control Unit (LCU) is an add-on control unit that brings connectivity, electrical energy measurement and luminosity control to standard street light luminaries.

GLLCU with NEMA type 3 connector

Electrical energy measurement and luminosity control to standard street light luminaries.

It has interfaces for light dimming control, communication modules and multiple sensors – enabling the system integrator to work with any vendor and make of LED luminaries. The system is designed to be interfaced to any proprietary or open networking radio modules. LLCU employs radio with higher Tx power 27dBm for longer range and lower Tx power 19dBm for power constrained systems.

Light Control Interfaces

Dimming interfaces to control the LED luminary’s light output. Popular dimming interfaces are

  • Phase cut dimming
  • 0-10VDC Analog
  • PWM
  • DALI
  • UART (secondary radio)

Interfaces should be configured at factory for each project based on the LED luminary’s dimming interface.

Parameters Monitored

Parameter Units
Supply Voltage V
Supply Current A
Power Factor %
Frequency Hz
Active W
Reactive VAR
Active Wh
Reactive VARh

Application Server

LLCU work seamlessly with “Street Smart” Application Server built for LoRaWAN street lights. Street Smart brings data visualization and analytics and develop insights into usage, savings and failure.

Street Smart LoRaWAN Application Server

Street Smart App server provides:

  • Installation and commissioning App
  • Asset Tagging
  • Lighting Schedule Interface
  • Failure reports and notifications
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Light Grouping
  • Search and Filtering options
  • Dashboard with data visualizations


We take up customization of application server and the LLCU firmware for project specific needs.