Preparation Status Update – 2

So, we said it. Will happen on the 20th of Aug 2012. Can we really do it? What are the status as on today?

  • iDCCU Boards are getting made. We are still waiting on the MOSFETs
  • First version of the brochure may be available by end of this week
  • Solar Panels are tested today. Bulk order to be placed and followed up!
  • Metal enclosures are getting fabricated
  • Carton Box and packing material samples needs to be got
    • Need to define cut-outs for both
    • Need to select color
  • Have to work on the “Usage Guide” and “Warranty Terms”
    • have to get them printed
  • Battery needs to be ordered
  • Have to visit our store location and select the color for interiors
  • Rent Agreement

OK, we managed to get a lot of the things in the list above done. Are we done? Far from it. So, what are the status as on today? (3 days before the launch)

  • Printing of sticker for the front panel
    • for TriNetra
    • for Amulya
  • User Manual
    • In English. Need to translate that to Kannada.
    • Add terms and conditions to it.
  • Complete system check on the boards
  • Program Amulya iDCLDC boards
  • (Re)Program TriNetra iDCLDC boards
    • to fix Battery charging time issue
    • to fix “turn on flicker” issue
  • Painting of the Store’s wall @ Davanagere
  • Place order for the Store’s front board
  • Plastic front cover pasting to the carton box
  • Some more that I don’t know yet.