Jal Tarang – Mobile Irrigation Pump Starter [MIPS]


Fact: “Jal Tarang” is an Indian musical instrument – which uses water, porcelain bowls and wooden sticks to create celestial sounds.

However, GreenTronics Jal Tarang is a mobile network connected irrigation pump starter. It allows the much needed freedom to farmers to move away from the farms in the case of need and yet ensure appropriate water delivery their plants with the same in person care and control.


Jal Tarang is a feature packed smart pump starter. All the features are categorized for easy understanding.



GSM network is the back bone for connecting Jal Tarang to the external world enabling the remote control and diagnostics of the irrigation pump. This provides the SMS, Voice Call and Data packet connectivity to the farms for the farmers, pump manufacturers and govt agencies. Connectivity enables the following means of interacting with Jal Tarang.


Interactive Voice Response System allows users of a telephone to interact with the machine using voice prompts and acting on DTMF inputs from the user. Jal Tarang supports voice prompts in 6 languages. Each of the authorized user can select his/her own preferred language to interact with Jal Tarang.

  1. Kannada
  2. Hindi
  3. Telugu
  4. Tamil
  5. Marati
  6. English

SMS Commands

User (Farmer) can control, configure and monitor the operation and status of Jal Tarang from a remote location by the means for SMS commands to turn ON / OFF pump. Request the current status of the pump => Pump ON/OFF, Power status, Faults etc. See the user manual for a detailed list of SMS commands for each of the tasks.

Missed Call

Missed call  feature allows the farmer to toggle the pump status. Meaning – if its OFF, it will be turned ON, if ON, will be turned OFF. Each action is confirmed via an SMS and event stored in the cloud for analysis later.

Global Positioning System

This is used for the below mentioned 2 reasons.

Geo Location

Provided much needed location sense as to where the device is deployed for asset tracking and also map it with weather day to provide alerts / suggestions to farmers.

Theft Protection

In case the Jal Tarang moves from the its initially installed location, then automatic alerts are sent to the user’s phone number – even if the SIM card is replaced.

Pump Control

  • On Duration timer
  • Time of the day on timer
  • Scheduling
  • One Time
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly


  • Over Voltage
  • Short Circuit
  • Phase Reversal
  • Phase Imbalance
  • Fault Auto recovery

Energy Meter and Display

  • Voltages – 3 phase
  • Currents – 3 phase
  • Power – 3 phase
  • Total Power
  • Total Energy
  • Power Factor
  • Faults