TriNetra – 3 Solar LED Lighting solution

is a 3 LED solar lighting solution. It comes bundled complete with solar panel, metal enclosure and bright 3W and 6W LED DC bulb. Metal enclosure that houses the battery and micro-controller based control board that manages the battery charging & protection along with LED bulb drive and  LED protection. This product is designed to meet the requirements of both portable and permanent installations since the bulb can be mounted at a convenient location up to 3 meters(can be customized) from the enclosure to get maximum light spread.

User interface

consists of 3 push button and 2 LEDs. Push button allows the user to select one of the four possible light output levels to suit the light needs for each light putput. LEDs indicate, charging, charger fault, battery full and battery empty.


intelligentDigital Charge and LED Drive Control Unit board enhances the performance and life of the battery and the product signification by implementing a very efficient charge controller algorithm and constant current LED drive. The control board also protects the battery from deep discharge and other damaging conditions like LED short or open-wire conditions. Control board in itself consumes very small current for its operation.


Sl No Description Specification
1 TriNetra iDCLDC intelligent Digital Charge and LED Drive Controller
2 LED Bulbs (DC) 6Watts x 1, 3Watts x 2 (totally 3 bulbs)
3 Solar Panel 10Watts (MNRE Approved)
4 Brightness Levels 4 Levels (user selectable)
5 Charging Time 7 to 8 hours (from battery empty to full charge)
6 Run time 4 to 5 hours with all bulbs at highest brightness level
7 Battery SMF, 12V, 7.2AH