Switch Dimming of Grid powered LED light

One of the coolest things that you can get with LED lights is that ability to control the intensity of light. Since, this feature is not what conventional lights provide, the electrical wiring for such lights also did not have a mechanism to send this control information to the lights. But, today, 08/17/2014, GTD Labs completes prototype testing of a AC Switch dimming and will launched in Dhaksha series of LED lights soon.

Set Up:
1. Light: Since the LED light was too bright, we had to cover it up with paper to prevent it from saturating the camera.
2. AC Dimmer Stat (Blue box with Red rocker switch)
3. Digial Scope – showing the switch sensing signal
4. LED Driver (Under the insulator sheet)

Each time the AC Switch is turned off and on quickly, it is sensed and the light intensity is reduced. Allowing users to select a suitable light output for the activity.

Not professional – just a mobile cam capture.