Template and content for you site

OK, this is not the usual things that we write on this site / blog but this one is special. So, I had to make a special mention.

Facts first, I am not a net savvy techie. I have been in tech area for over a decade, I get it, eventually. I have been meaning to have a professional looking site at a reasonably low effort. Say, a little more effort than making a Power point presentation.

Almost all of them look nice – but that’s not quite what you are looking for and then suddenly you see something that is exactly what you have been searching all your life. On second thoughts, did I simply get influenced with what I have seen more of on the net. None the less, this template Customizr fits my requirement like a long used glove. It might fit yours. Mine, definitely.

Now, that the template is found, site is up, have a domain name, you can be found on Google when you type the complete website address in the search bar. Splendid work so far. Now what? What do I write on the site? This is another first of the Eureka series.

The only way that worked for me is to keep talking about the company to everyone –

  • Try to convince why they should do what you are doing and what the company is doing.
  • Why is it there?
  • What does it do?
  • Who gets benefited (apart from me)?
  • Tell people why its going to change the world?
  • Tell them how great it is …

And finally – you will stand firmly on the ground (if you are still standing) after all the following happens:

  • Out right rejection of your reason / idea
  • Intelligent insights on how your thought is flawed in this one area
  • Other existing alternatives to what you think is a brilliant never-before-idea
  • Impossible to win – arguments on one of the founding ideas/principles of your company
  • Trying and failing on an idea that the been-there-done-that warning you to avoid

I think, this is all a process one has to undergo before you begin to see the tiniest portions of the truth.