Wireless Water Level Controller

Introducing the most advanced wireless automatic water level controller. No ugly wall cuts/hanging wires in your beautiful building. Saves precious water and eliminates stress for you! Reduces maintenance and energy costs.

Typical problems with exiting solutions
  • Demands external wiring for already constructed buildings
  • Probes corrode and hence need maintenance
  • Scaling on probes reduces sensitivity, creating malfunction
  • Limited water level status indicators

How does the WWLC work?

WWLC consists of 3 parts

(Need a picture to depict the set up)

  • Under Ground Tank Water Level Sensor (UGS)
  • Over Head Tank Water Level Sensor (OHS)
  • Pump Motor Controller (PMC)

Water Level Sensor measures the level of water in the tank. Removes noise and transmits level information to the controller wirelessly. This a battery powered unit.

Pump Motor Controller manages the pump motor on to ensure water in the OH Tank. It receives the wireless water level information from both the tanks. This data is processed and controls pump motor to ensure availability of water for use. It protects the motor from hazardous conditions like electrical extremes and dry-run.



Our non-corrosive, continuous level sensor technology measures the water level. Different depth of the tank is not a problem due to multi-sensor auto-calibration.

Wireless communication

  • Optimized for longer battery life and resilience.
  • Secure / Encrypted communication

Machine Learning

Understands usage patterns and predicts failures and service needs.
  • Auto Calibration
  • Adaptive Time to fill calculation
  • Motor/Pump efficiency estimation
  • Analyze data to get insightful information
  • Average run time/day
  • Total run time/month
  • History of 6 months
  • Total Motor On time
  • Adaptive wireless activity

Salient Features

  • Long range secure wireless communication
  • Battery operated continuous level Sensors
  • Multi-Over Head Tank Support
  • Water Level Display (percentage)
  • Adaptive Max Water operation
  • Motor Protection – under voltage, over voltage, high current cut off and dry run
  • Manual override with overflow protection
  • Optional WiFi + BLE IOT Add-On
  • Sensor Battery Status Indicator