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KhaGa – MPPT Charge Controller

KhaGa is a versatile, high efficiency Solar MPPT Charge Controller designed to support multiple battery chemistry for Solar Applications such as home lighting, mini-mast light, solar street lights. It ensures maximum power extraction from the solar panel and implements 4 stage charging of battery with battery low load disconnect to protect battery from deep discharge. KhaGa implements a DC Energy meter and metrology functionality that enables safe, reliable and long life of the system components.ย 


Variants based on power capacity and features like display and wired communication interfaces like RS232, RS485 or wireless interfaces like BLE, WiFi or LoRaWAN are available.

Dusk to Dawn
Dim Profile
Energy Dim

KaGha, is a smart Solar MPPT Charge controller. It is designed for high efficiency and battery protection; ensuring robust and reliable operation. Supports multiple battery chemistry, communication for remote monitoring and control. LCD display is provided for local parameter monitoring and optional USB charging port.

1. Automatic Dusk to Dawn operation
2. Time based dimming up to 6 segments
3. Patent pending energy dimming
4. MPPT Solar charge controller (Extracts up to 30% more)
5. Multi chemistry 4 stage battery charging algorithm
6. High efficiency dimmable boost LED light driver
1. Charging active
2. Battery Low
3. Empty
1. Battery Low Cut off
2. LED Open Fault โ€“ Auto recovery
3. Battery reverse protection
1. Sensor integration
โ€“ Motion detection
โ€“ Temperature & Humidity Radios
โ€“ GSM / WiFi / BLE / NBIoT
โ€“ 2. TruHybrid
โ€“ Grid + Solar
1. Command brightness level remotely
2. Parameters available from the Luminary
โ€“ Status -> Charging | Light ON | Faults
โ€“ Battery voltage
โ€“ Charging current
โ€“ Panel voltageLED string voltage
โ€“ Power โ€“ Charging and Discharging
โ€“ Energy โ€“ Charge and Discharge

Control Interfaces

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